Spinal Subluxation Defined

This is a little technical but when a joint misaligns it stretches the ligaments which produces some localized swelling and disabling the arthrokinetic reflex. The joint is unstable due to the stretch reflex and the body trying to protect itself by splinting and causing muscles of motion to stablize the joint. This creates stiffness and.. read more →

Dr. Scott’s short wellness tip #3 “Ice or Heat for Injuries”

Occasionally, patients will come in with back pain or injuries who have been told to put a heating pad on it by their doctor. My philosophy is to give patients information and have them make decisions, so I walk them through the “injury cascade of events”. (This is like your little brothers in the back.. read more →

Dr. Scott’s short wellness tip #2 “Digestive Enzymes”

Hi folks, Today I’ll mention enzymes to support digestion. Your body makes acid and enxymes in the mouth, pancrease, and stomach to break foods down from big chunks of protein, sugars, and fat into amino acids, smaller sugars, and smaller fats. If you are run down or stressed for a long time, your body can.. read more →

Dr. Scott’s short wellness tip #1

Hi guys and gals, Today I am starting to post a cumulative list of wellness tips. I’ll try to plug in a reference when possible for those who want more detail. Now that it’s “cold and flu season” we need to boost our immune systems. The #1 simplest and cheapest immune enhancement is to avoid.. read more →