27 Nov 2019

Just a couple of things about calcium, which is a mineral; more specifically, a metal, which is why it shows up on x-ray nicely.
1. More calcium won’t make you healthier but a deficiency isn’t good. Deficiency of calcium might contribute to osteoporosis but can also contribute to muscle cramping.
2. After a certain age, we don’t absorb calcium very well. It needs a lot of acid for absorption. That’s why they sell it combined with acid (picolinate, citrate, etc.) If you don’t absorb it well, this is one substance that you can simply increase the dosage. It’s cheap and it’s hard to take too much.
3. Even though milk contains calcium, you don’t need to get it from milk. Elephants have a solid femur (leg bone) and they drink no milk. You can get it from fruit, nuts, and green vegetables but in the modern era, you can get it concentrated by supplement companies.
4. One good brand: Nature Vitality CALM. They promoting magnesium but you can get the one which includes calcium. Probably overpriced for refined dirt but it’s a good product and cost effective. 
CAUTION: Nature Vitality CALM absorbs well but can cause digestive problems at first (diarrhea). After you drink it for a few days, most people tolerate it well.

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