29 Apr 2015

Migraine Headaches- Don’t Give Up!

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Even if you don’t come to my clinic for migraine care, you should have a new hope that your migraines will no longer be “your migraines”. You were not designed to have migraine headaches. It is a condition which came about and can be sent away, or at least diminished greatly.
Do not give up on yourself.

I have sorted through a lot of nonsense, good sense, and great sense.
Some things are good but not used properly.
Some things work well when used in addition to other methods.
Some things are nonsense but the placebo effect is 35% successful!

I’ll give you one hint:
Neurofeedback, a subcategory of Biofeedback was discovered in the 60’s and 70’s, but since it was so flaky, science abandoned it.
Leaps of technology has made access to this method available to the general population and it is working. Equipment costs are plummeting and method styles are exploding. Some people want it regulated by the government (which didn’t work well for telephone innovation.) In the meantime, a thousand companies and a million practitioners are only as far away as your keyboard. So yes, we will include biofeedback and eventually, neurofeedback to help you to evict the deadbeat headaches that are living rent free in your life..
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