16 Apr 2015

Hope For Headaches (Migraine & Tension)

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Medication doesn’t always work well.
Other approaches are working.
We offer comprehensive approaches.

Dr. Scott AbrahamsonA Case History From Dr. Scott:
When I was in chiropractic school, a teacher told us that chiropractic care was ineffective for migraine headache, (but works well for tension headaches.)
I took him at his word, and didn’t try to affect migraine sufferers. A few years into practice, I treated a 60 year old woman for a shoulder injury over several weeks.
Her shoulder improved and she was released to come in for regular maintenance care.
A month later she returned for a “tune up” and mentioned that the migraine headaches, which she had endured for the last 40 years(!) of her life had gone away.
When she stopped regular care, they gradually returned. She didn’t mention them in her history.
She mentioned these life altering, vomit inducing, headaches as an aside AFTER they returned.
She was a very anxious woman whose father and later her husband were somewhat abusive. (Her neck was moving better but her stress was off the charts.)
She began to make some lifestyle changes and her headaches became infrequent and less severe.

Current Medical Management:
In my research on migraine management with medication, the bottom line is that “headaches are treatable but not curable.” The best to hope for is to medicate for prevention, avoid triggers, and medicate when headaches arrive. A lackluster nod is given to “complimentary and alternative care” (CAM) if at all.

To clarify, migraine headache is not even considered by experts, as a diagnosis in itself, but rather a part of a neurological disease. Therefore, treating the headache at the end might be similar to repeatedly medicating an abscessed tooth. Breakthrough treatment must include a multifaceted approach using simultaneous procedures.

breakthroughFirst Things First: Correct Assessment:
Of course we need to rule out dangerous but rare causes of your headaches. (Most migraine sufferers have already done that.) We will also work together to rule out things which you haven’t considered, that may be aggravating the situation. Some people require specialized testing; others do not.
I tailor your diagnostic protocol to the results of a “Pre-valuation” workup.

Personalized Care:
After a careful workup, I will explain your treatment options, and together we will craft a program of care. Most of care will be aimed at learning new approaches to life which will get you out of the “migraine zone” and keep you headache free.


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