16 Jan 2015
BPA Free Containers

BPA Free Containers

Special features on the news programs love to discuss things that have recently been discovered to be dangerous to ourselves or the environment.
Plastic bottles are a favorite. But don’t be hatin’ on plastic itself. If you read about the history of BPA’s, some were a godsend and actually saved environment. Think wire├é┬áinsulation, baby seats, paint buckets, and anything you need to carry.
A favorite source for many is Dr. Mercola who writes about the DANGERS OF BPA. On the other hand, constant worry about things that are slightly toxic might be worse than the toxins themselves.
At Lake Oswego Chiropractc Clinic, we carry a BPA-Free 1/2 gallon, Blue Wave water bottle from Amazon that is both healthy and will happily sit on your desk and nag you to drink more water.
My good buddy and naturopath, Dr. Sara Wood gave me a hard plastic cup made by vesseldrinkware.com/ with a BPA-free hard straw that I promptly broke.
It’s not healthy to worry about every molecule of toxin in the great wide world.
Drink more water; whenever possible, use a BPA-free container.

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