27 Dec 2014

What is destroying our health? What will protect it?

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Heart2Speaking with a brilliant young man over the holidays. We agreed that the primary killers of Americans today are NOT infectious diseases like pneumonia, influenza, or diptheria. What is killing people before their time are LIFESTYLE RELATED ILLNESSES (heart disease and cancer.) If we can’t medicate our way out of our problems, what’s a modern person to do?
We have 2 choices: decrease stress or add behaviors which cope with stress. (Simple to say, harder to do,)
If you hate exercise, you won’t do it. Find something fun.
If you a healthy diet deprives you of fun, you’ll quit. Find some good food that tastes good.
If you love watching disastrous news on TV, manage it by diluting it with good stuff.
Have a healthier, happier 2015!

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