18 Dec 2014

Chiropractic Migraine Case History

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A woman came to see me several years ago for help with a shoulder injury. She was a pleasant 60-year-old mother of one adult child. She had a history of spousal abuse and was a fairly anxious person.
Over several weeks, I treated her shoulder injury. Her care included adjustments for her upper back and neck because the nerves to the shoulder come from these areas. Her shoulder improved gradually and she discontinued care to work on exercises and stretches at home.
About three months later, she returned for care and told me that during the several weeks that I was treating her, her migraines had disappeared. She had not disclosed her headache history to me but said that she had experienced at least two migraines per week for the last 40 years! She was thrilled to have found a treatment which normalized her spine, reduced nerve irritation, and help alleviate her migraine headaches. She was also pleased to be able to discontinue a drug that she was taking.
Personal constraints forced her to move to another state. I gave her home care instructions specific to her neck and upper back including exercises, stretches, a new pillow, ideas for improving her posture and encouraged her to get regular chiropractic adjustments to help maintain her health.
Normalization of the nerves which control the blood vessels to the brain can lower the threshold for migraine triggers.
It is extremely gratifying to be able to help patients in this way and I will always cherish the memory of this fine woman.

Disclaimer: A thorough, honest history and neurological screening tests will help us to identify the exact cause and proper care for headaches.

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