15 Dec 2009

Dr. Scott’s short wellness tip #2 “Digestive Enzymes”

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Hi folks,
Today I’ll mention enzymes to support digestion.
Your body makes acid and enxymes in the mouth, pancrease, and stomach to break foods down from big chunks of protein, sugars, and fat into amino acids, smaller sugars, and smaller fats.
If you are run down or stressed for a long time, your body can fail to make enough enzymes and acid which can lead to poor digestion, bloating, low energy, gas and eventually loss of friendships (just kidding). Your body gets less nutrients from your food and has less energy to make acid and enzymes thus aggravating the situation. (I see this in elderly patients.)
We provide temporary support for our patients with oral plant enzymes. When taken with meals, these enzymes help break down the food to release the nutrients and increase energy.
I have had patients who were run down from battling cancer try digestive enzymes report that they had an increase in energy, less bloating, and healthier bowel movements.
Another aspect of enzymes is that some patients have food allergies (grains and dairy being most common.) These patients report that they can take enzymes with allergen foods without having a reaction.
I don’t recommend needing digestive aids for life but if patients are planning to attend functions or travel when they may be eating rich or unfamiliar foods, digestive enzymes can help them avoid challenges and keep their friendships intact.
Ask about digstive enzymes at your next visit.


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