Sitting leads to death.

Prolonged sitting was associated with higher mortality from all causes, as well as increased incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, even among people who exercise regularly, according to a meta-analysis published in the January 20 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Of course, these studies can be misleading. Of course people who sit at a computer for more hours at home will be likely to suffer diseases of a sedentary lifestyle. And even people who exercise might be more at risk as they will sit more than any other activity including exercise.
The common sense take home lesson is that by and large, the more we move, the healthier we are and vice versa. When in doubt, GET UP AND MOVE!

What do we take for bone health? – Fish oil!

These studies from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition are very scientific in nature, but if you read the first line of each one, they make the conclusion clear. read more →

Migraine Headaches- Don’t Give Up!

Even if you don’t come to my clinic for migraine care, you should have a new hope that your migraines will no longer be “your migraines”. You were not designed to have migraine headaches. It is a condition which came about and can be sent away, or at least diminished greatly. Do not give up.. read more →

Hope For Headaches (Migraine & Tension)

Medication doesn’t always work well.
Other approaches are working.
We offer comprehensive approaches. read more →

Plastic Bottle Fears

Special features on the news programs love to discuss things that have recently been discovered to be dangerous to ourselves or the environment. Plastic bottles are a favorite. read more →

What is destroying our health? What will protect it?

Speaking with a brilliant young man over the holidays. We agreed that the primary killers of Americans today are NOT infectious diseases like pneumonia, influenza, or diptheria. What is killing people before their time are LIFESTYLE RELATED ILLNESSES (heart disease and cancer.) If we can’t medicate our way out of our problems, what’s a modern.. read more →

Chiropractic Migraine Case History

A woman came to see me several years ago for help with shoulder pain and her migraines disappeared. read more →

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Ah, precious sleep. It may be my favorite thing. Unfortunately, I’ve danced with a few rounds of terrible insomnia and know all too well what it’s like to have sleep elude you. After roughly 3 days of not sleeping well I start to lose my wits. Not only do I become crabby, but my reflexes.. read more →

Spinal Subluxation Defined

This is a little technical but when a joint misaligns it stretches the ligaments which produces some localized swelling and disabling the arthrokinetic reflex. The joint is unstable due to the stretch reflex and the body trying to protect itself by splinting and causing muscles of motion to stablize the joint. This creates stiffness and.. read more →

Dr. Scott’s short wellness tip #3 “Ice or Heat for Injuries”

Occasionally, patients will come in with back pain or injuries who have been told to put a heating pad on it by their doctor. My philosophy is to give patients information and have them make decisions, so I walk them through the “injury cascade of events”. (This is like your little brothers in the back.. read more →